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How can I play here, what is the idea of the game?
Everything is very simple. After authorization on the web-site, your 3 rooms for the game will be available for you. There are different amounts of bets in each room. The game starts after the second bet. At the end of the draw the winner takes the entire pot.
What commission is taken for the draw?
The commission is 20% of all bets, except for the winner's bet.
I put 100 Coins, and my opponent - 10 Coins. Will I get 88 Coins In case of my winning?
Конечно нет! Of course not! The commission is withdrawn from all bets, except for the winner's bet. In this case you will get 108 Coins.
Is there any limit for withdrawal of funds from the account?
Yes, the minimum and maximum withdrawal amountsdepend on the payment system and are pointed on the payout page. You can make a request for withdrawal of money any time you like. There are no any restrictions.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we have a 2-level affiliate program. The referral link for attracting users will be available after authorization, in the section "My referrals". You will receive 5% of lost bets of the players you have invited and 3% from the referrals of the 2nd level.
How long should I wait for response from support service?
The response time depends on our workload and also on the time of the day, and it can be up to 24 hours.
What is special about e-loto.net?
We are absolutely honest and transparent for you. You can see how many people have made bets, who won the previous draws, the last payouts. Thus, you can make a sober estimate of your chances of success and calculate the best bet!
I'm not 18 years old, can I play with you?
No! Our project is intended only for people who have reached adulthood. If you are under 18, please leave our web-site.
I want to make payment. How long should I wait for it?
All applications are processed within the period from 5 minutes to 3 hours.
Do you have protection for md5?
Yes, we have. More details about determining of the winner and protection for md5 you can find out on this page.
Each draw is a mere accident. After all bets, the script selects one winner at random, concerning his chance (percentage) to win.
Is it possible to cancel bets in one of the rooms?
Yes. But a special situation must occur for that. For example, if draw doesn’t start for a very long time (because of lack of the participants). In this case, all bets in this room will be returned with a note "Winning", and the game will be canceled.
I can not authorize via e-mail. "Invalid authorization data" appears.
Try to clean the browser cache. If you use Tor browser or have NoScript extension installed or its analog, then you need to add the web-site e-loto.net to the whitelist.